Frank’s Girlfriends – A RED Fanfiction Piece by Louise Findlay

mels-midweek-writing-menagerieThis week, Louise wrote a piece of micro fan-fiction in response to prompt 2. Here it is. Enjoy!

Franks-Girlfriends-Cover-2-400x178Sarah or Tare. It was such a hard decision. I knew if I spurned Tare, Victoria would kill me for breaking her sister’s heart. She’d probably succeed. No one had underestimated Victoria Winsler and lived to tell the tale.

Sarah was so kind and caring. She made me think I could actually have a normal life. Tare, on the other hand had been my friend for years. We’d saved each other’s lives countless times. I always knew I could count on her to have my back.

Really it was a toss between the lives I wanted. I couldn’t be a contract killer and stay with Sarah. She wouldn’t be able to deal with all the violence and I would be putting her in harm’s way. Tare couldn’t handle a normal life. She was a warrior and hooked on the adrenaline rush. She was incapable of adjusting like Victoria had and I knew it. She would get too restless and eventually snap or would get a mundane job which would kill her spirit.

Ultimately it was a question of who I loved the most. Deep in my heart I knew it was Tare. I loved the idea of having a normal life and I knew Sarah could give me that but I didn’t love her. I would just be condemning myself to a live of what ifs. I had been with the CIA nearly all my life and I wasn’t going to stop being a killer now. Victoria was right. It wasn’t like you could switch a button. I’d been trained as an operative and I couldn’t just stop being one.

Being with Tare would make me happier than Sarah ever would. Tare knew that. I guess that’s why she’d been warning me away from Sarah. I’d been trying to change for her. Restraining myself nearly got ourselves killed by the CIA. I would get us all killed if I kept Sarah with me. She deserved a normal life where people weren’t trying to kill her because of her association with me.

Tare would be ecstatic when I told her. She’d never been discreet about her hatred towards Sarah but she always protected her. If you were an operative then there generally was two things you needed in a partner. One was for them to be an operative too. Civilians never understood our lifestyle and the reasons why we risked our lives. Two was for them to have a heart. Being in the business of death took its toll in the worst way. It could turn the most caring person in the world to an emotionless killer. One was easy but two was not. Tare was both. A rarity.


The Musings of a Desolate Demigod by Louise Findlay

We have a special treat from Louise this week for all you mythology lovers! She created a short piece in response to the sentence starter.

The Musings of a Desolate Demigod

Our mothers and fathers had ravenged the world, leaving almost nothing left in their eternal wars. The devastation they had wrought rivalled that of the creatures and gods they were fighting. I was related to a murderer of the highest degree. I swear I would kill him if I ever saw him again.

My kind were in decline. Most fell in the Parallax War. There were demigods on both sides. Some sided with their godly parents and some defected to the opposing side. The war was originally over the fate of Olympus and the mortals but it just turned demigod against demigod and god against god. The sides were clear cut in the beginning with good against evil but the lines blurred. To read the full story, click here to be redirected.

Thanks for your contribution, Louise.


Reasons for Rejection: Rejection Spinoff – An M.I. High Fanfic by Louise Findlay

Louise created another scene from the television show M.I. High this week. It’s an emotive scene, one which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

I’ve added the beginning of the scene below, but to read more, and to visit the original, please click here.

Reasons for Rejection: Rejection Spinoff – An M.I. High Fanfic


“Why? Stella, you can’t just kiss me and then reject me. If you don’t love me then fine but if you do, just tell me why you keep refusing to talk? You owe me that much” Frank said.

Oh, Frank. This was entirely my fault. His depression was my fault. I still loved him of course I did but I wanted to protect him. I was Chief Agent now and am an even bigger target than before. We were both at the top of KORPS’ hit list and I knew they would harm him just to get to me.

Thanks to Louise for the contribution.

Monsters Among Us by Olga – Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie #6


The first contribution this week comes from Olga from Stuff and what if…

I have included Olga’s poem – Monsters Among Us (below). Please view the original by clicking here.

Dig deep in the darkest corners
They are hiding
In the dungeons of fear
Away from the light of reason
Fantasy or real
Lurking in the subconscious
Dreams are their wonderland
Exalted in the media
They feed off screams
“I’ve always known that monsters exist.”
Beware of the ones that walk right by you
A time bomb waiting to be triggered.

Thanks to Olga for the contribution.


Mel’s Writing Menagerie #5 – Poem by Olga

milnet-road-008Olga provided a wonderful poem for her entry to this weeks challenge. Here it is:

Bracing with a cane

Hope for the recently lame

The pain was not slain

Afraid to go insane

Was fate playing a twisted game?

Prayers all in vain

Maybe the sludge of the past needs to drain?

Life craves no more rain

Crap need not be my fame

Only I’m to blame


“What the hell do you expect me to do with that.”

You can visit Olga by clicking here.

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Light Magic Monster and Soul-Scapes by Louise Findlay

Louise Findlay contributed to the fan-fiction element of the contest this week. As her site isn’t on WordPress I couldn’t reblog to share with you, so instead I’ve provided a teaser below, and a read more option with a link to her site. I recommend checking it out. It is a fan-fiction piece based on Once Upon A Time.

Light Magic Monster and Soul-Scapes: Once Upon a Time Fanfic by Louise Findlay

I felt the eruption of magic. How could I not? For a town situated in the Land Without Magic it was quite a common occurrence. Could I be bothered to do anything about it? In the past I would but I was still mooning over Arrow Boy. It was better this way. People interfered in my life less. With further inspection it was that pathetic Saviour’s disgustingly sweet branch of light magic. My my she must’ve been angry. I hope she wasn’t too desperate as to darken my doorstep again. I couldn’t vouch for her life if she did. Henry was the only good thing in my life and I didn’t want my depressing moods to affect him. Read More.

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