Frank’s Girlfriends – A RED Fanfiction Piece by Louise Findlay

mels-midweek-writing-menagerieThis week, Louise wrote a piece of micro fan-fiction in response to prompt 2. Here it is. Enjoy!

Franks-Girlfriends-Cover-2-400x178Sarah or Tare. It was such a hard decision. I knew if I spurned Tare, Victoria would kill me for breaking her sister’s heart. She’d probably succeed. No one had underestimated Victoria Winsler and lived to tell the tale.

Sarah was so kind and caring. She made me think I could actually have a normal life. Tare, on the other hand had been my friend for years. We’d saved each other’s lives countless times. I always knew I could count on her to have my back.

Really it was a toss between the lives I wanted. I couldn’t be a contract killer and stay with Sarah. She wouldn’t be able to deal with all the violence and I would be putting her in harm’s way. Tare couldn’t handle a normal life. She was a warrior and hooked on the adrenaline rush. She was incapable of adjusting like Victoria had and I knew it. She would get too restless and eventually snap or would get a mundane job which would kill her spirit.

Ultimately it was a question of who I loved the most. Deep in my heart I knew it was Tare. I loved the idea of having a normal life and I knew Sarah could give me that but I didn’t love her. I would just be condemning myself to a live of what ifs. I had been with the CIA nearly all my life and I wasn’t going to stop being a killer now. Victoria was right. It wasn’t like you could switch a button. I’d been trained as an operative and I couldn’t just stop being one.

Being with Tare would make me happier than Sarah ever would. Tare knew that. I guess that’s why she’d been warning me away from Sarah. I’d been trying to change for her. Restraining myself nearly got ourselves killed by the CIA. I would get us all killed if I kept Sarah with me. She deserved a normal life where people weren’t trying to kill her because of her association with me.

Tare would be ecstatic when I told her. She’d never been discreet about her hatred towards Sarah but she always protected her. If you were an operative then there generally was two things you needed in a partner. One was for them to be an operative too. Civilians never understood our lifestyle and the reasons why we risked our lives. Two was for them to have a heart. Being in the business of death took its toll in the worst way. It could turn the most caring person in the world to an emotionless killer. One was easy but two was not. Tare was both. A rarity.


The Goblet of Stars – A Harry Potter/M.I. High Fanfiction by Louise Findlay

This week, in response to prompt 2 (Re-write the ending to one of your favourite movies), Louise wrote a special scene for us combining Harry Potter and M.I. High. I have provided a preview below, but to read the fully story, click here.



1. Joining the Dark Lord’s Side


Agh. My dark mark had been flaring up all year. I clutched my forearm as my brand ignited. This was the real thing. The Dark Lord had come to life again. I would have to go to him. He would hunt me down and the people I loved if I didn’t. I endured many sleepless nights pondering what I would do when he was resurrected.

The call came at the worst possible time. I was heading a mission trying to prevent a nuclear launch and Frank was about to get his head scrambled.

“Frank, no. I’ve got to go. Capture someone else and get them into that chair” I said.

I hated having to abandon them like this but I had to. I hope he managed to swear his team to secrecy. I did not want to explain this to MI9.

“What? Why? Oh. Stella, please don’t go” he pleaded.

“We agreed, Frank. If I don’t, I’ll be putting your life in danger” I protested.

“Be careful. The password’s libertà stellato” he replied.

Starry freedom. I hoped to god that Frank would be available to tend to my wounds but if he wasn’t then I could gain access to his potions store. I tended to overdose myself on pain potions and dreamless sleep. Through my dark mark, the Dark Lord could always plague my nightmares even when I was on a normal amount of dreamless sleep. I was hopeless at Occulmency and my method of defending my mind through attacking with legilimency only really worked on the Dark Lord when I was awake. I was sadly not blessed with a talent for Occulmency like Professor Snape.

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The Musings of a Desolate Demigod by Louise Findlay

We have a special treat from Louise this week for all you mythology lovers! She created a short piece in response to the sentence starter.

The Musings of a Desolate Demigod

Our mothers and fathers had ravenged the world, leaving almost nothing left in their eternal wars. The devastation they had wrought rivalled that of the creatures and gods they were fighting. I was related to a murderer of the highest degree. I swear I would kill him if I ever saw him again.

My kind were in decline. Most fell in the Parallax War. There were demigods on both sides. Some sided with their godly parents and some defected to the opposing side. The war was originally over the fate of Olympus and the mortals but it just turned demigod against demigod and god against god. The sides were clear cut in the beginning with good against evil but the lines blurred. To read the full story, click here to be redirected.

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The Author’s Nightmare Story by Louise Findlay

This fanfiction story was written by Louise Findlay from Louise Findlay Books. Please visit her site if you would like to know more, and follow the link at the bottom for a continuation of the story.

The Author’s Nightmare Story: Regina’s Curse – Once Upon A Time Fanfic

regina blade

Operation Mongoose 4×21 + 4×22 AU. For Regina the cruellest thing was to have had hope in the past and then have it ripped away from you. Regina’s worst nightmare is her Mother and the Author has enacted her worst possible nightmare. Can Regina protect Henry from the Queen of Hearts? Does Emma have magic in this alternate Enchanted Forest? Who will become the new Dark One?


“Help me. Help me” A voice cried.

What? Was that Henry? It couldn’t be. We were all cursed to this fiction and Henry… Henry was all alone. God knows where Emma was unless she was that Saviour that my mother imprisoned. There was no Evil Queen in this land only the Queen of Hearts. My mother grew bored as ruler of Wonderland and decided to enslave the Enchanted Forest instead.

I had to save him but it would mean escaping my mother’s grasp. I would pay for it later she would make sure of it.

An ogre. Damn those beasts. It would have been easy to eradicate them but oh the Queen of Hearts wouldn’t deign to make the peasant’s lives easier. Perish the thought. A fireball easily felled the beast.

“Oh Henry. Why are you here? You can’t change things. You’re stuck here like the rest of us. Now you have to go before my mother comes back” I told him.

If Mother saw him then… It couldn’t bear thinking about. He was already doomed in this perverse reality.

“I’m trying to save you. I don’t want to live without my family” he said.

“What is it you don’t want me to find out about, Regina?” Cora asked.

“Mother, I didn’t expect you to be back so soon. Henry, go” I said to Cora before whispering to Henry.

“I’m not leaving you” he whispered.

“You have to” I whispered.

Why was it that his Charming gene emerged at the worst possible times?

the charmings

“A dead ogre. Have you been helping the peasants, Regina? I have told you not to waste your magical talents on them” Mother

“I’m sorry, Mother. I’ll be a good girl I promise” I said.

No. I saw Henry crawling away but Cora heard the scuffling.

“Oh I very much doubt that but what do we have here? A boy that should learn to respect his betters” she said.

“He’s not important, Mother” I said.

God. If I ever deserved anything this was it. She could not harm Henry. Pretend not to be interested, Regina and she’ll dismiss it.

“Oh but he is. I can see it in your eyes. I should’ve ripped out your heart when I had the chance but his will be so much better” said Cora.

My worst nightmare come true. It was Daniel all over again. I protected his heart with blood magic. It was the strongest protection I could give him but it would not protect him against Cora. I couldn’t not let her harm Henry. Whatever the cost of protecting him would be I would gladly pay it. With a flash of my hand I teleported him elsewhere. It was my place to deal with my mother. If it saved Henry I would withstand any punishment she gave me. Even the worst.

“You really shouldn’t have done that, Regina. You’ve been a bad girl and you deserve to be punished” she said.

I had to protect Henry. He couldn’t survive in the Enchanted Forest. There was ogres and bandits that would take advantage of his ignorance. I would have to sacrifice my magic to escape from my mother but I had a real chance of freedom.

It was the burning spell. My worst fear. She knew I hated it the most. The flames that consumed you, eroding away flesh. It was one of the worst punishments.

“Don’t you dare, Regina. I will find you. None of your attempts worked before and they never will. You can’t escape me” said Mother.

Agh. My skin was burning. I can smell my own flesh smouldering. I had to get out of here. I couldn’t leave Henry on his own.

emma dragon

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A fanfiction piece I wrote for Mel’s Writing Menagrie #5

“Write a scene with one of your favourite characters from film or television”

Louise Findlay

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