The Gallifreyan Tearheart Chapter 1 – A Doctor Who Fanfic by Louise Findlay


For this week’s menagerie post, Louise wrote a Doctor Who fanfiction story for prompt two. I’ve shared it below, but you can go to the original post and Louise’s site here.


The Gallifreyan Tearheart Chapter 1 – A Doctor Who Fanfiction Piece by Louise Findlay


The silly old fool. Did he really believe I was dead? I was far too careful for that. I wasn’t a madman like him. The last TARDIS in existence (in this universe) materialised before me. What the Rassilion was Theta’s Type 40 TARDIS doing here? I clicked my fingers and strode in. The door opened for me as it would for any Time Lord or Lady unless specified by the designated pilot. I would’ve really thought he’d block me but then again he did think I was dead.

No, he didn’t. He’d gone off in a huff again and left a Last Will and Testament to boot. I tried to get the TARDIS to lock onto him but she wasn’t budging. He’d probably ordered her not to find him. I couldn’t override the pilot’s orders. I’d better get that snivelling companion, Clara instead. She may know his regular haunts. Regeneration did change a person and I wasn’t that well acquainted with his 12th self yet.

At least the controls weren’t locked to me. You think he would’ve learned from last time when I cannibalised it. Not that I would turn it into a paradox machine again. Oh no. The drums were gone now. My female regeneration locked my psychosis in and now I was permanently mad. What can I say? I revel in a little chaos. I wasn’t totally mad per se but more mentally challenged. I still had the overwhelming urge to destroy but I could tone it down a little. The mind-shattered drums were no more and now I could be even lucid for a short period of time. I could control myself and my madness. A lot like River Song and her 3rd life. She gained the mental fortitude to stave off her psychopathy and I was just beginning to regain control. As I said before, regeneration changes a person.

“How on earth are you here? You died? What on earth have you done?” Clara asked.

Oh those incessant questions. Just why I hated humans. I never did get why Theta loved them so much. We were much smarter than them and they had that annoying lifespan. They died before we ever reached the end of our first life.

“This is a confession dial. The TARDIS and it came to me as I’m his dearest friend alive. It’s a record of all your sins and confessions. The things you would never say unless you were close to the end. It’s the Doctor’s Last Will and Testament” I said.

“Dearest friend? You tried to kill him. What does it say?” Clara asked.

“He’s tried to kill me. It’s a meeting of minds. A challenge of our mental fortitude. I don’t know. I can’t open it. Only his Vlamore can” I answered.

Only the true match of a Time Lord/Lady could open their confession dial. It prevented Gallifreyans from rival houses to learn all of your despicable deeds.

“Vla… Vla what?” Clara struggled to pronounce.

“Vlamore. It’s Gallifreyan for partner heart. It can only be opened by the Time Lord or Lady his twin hearts truly beat for” I said.

I knew it instantly when I saw him with her on some video footage. They were vlamore. A perfect Time Lord and Lady match. The way he looked at her like she was his entire world and the way she would systematically look at every exit in an attempt to protect him in every way she possibly could. How she would kill every enemy and just as the last one dropped dead on the floor ask if he was unharmed. They were vlamore.

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The Epic Struggle to Grow a Plant – A RED Fanfiction Story by Louise Findlay

mels-midweek-writing-menagerieFor this week’s menagerie post, Louise wrote a RED fanfiction story for prompt two. I’ve shared it below, but you can go to the original post and Louise’s site here.

The Epic Struggle to grow a plant

The Epic Struggle to Grow a Plant – A RED Fanfic by Louise Findlay

“Frank, what is so urgent and why do you have a bonsai plant?” I asked.

I was his next door neighbour but we saw each other about once a week. I did happen to take up quite a few contracts that my sister passed my way though so I wasn’t home a lot. How Frank managed the whole domestic living thing I don’t know. I couldn’t survive in my house with nothing to do all day. Luckily I still retained a membership to the Contract Killers Society. Contract Killers Weekly was such a great magazine. I could brush up on my technique and it relieved boredom.

“I need some gardening tips” he said.

“Gardening tips? Since when were you a gardener? How am I supposed to know anything about plants?” I said in disbelief.

What on earth? Frank never expressed an interest in gardening before. I certainly didn’t know anything about plants apart from how to hack them apart.

“Your sister’s a keen gardener” he retorted.

“That doesn’t make me one” I replied.

While Victoria was content living in high society, I was not. Not that she could hang up a gun as much as I could. Even an English lady needed to have an outlet.

“Why are you suddenly obsessed with growing a plant anyway?” I asked.

Something must have sparked this interest in him. He certainly had no green fingers before.

“I wanted to have a hobby. You know to relieve boredom” he lied.

No no no. Frank Moses couldn’t lie to me. I have an in-built Frank Moses lie detector. You relieve boredom by going to a shooting range. Not waiting for a plant to grow for hours on end.

“You’re lying, Frank. Don’t try to deny it. Why are you so interested in horticulture?” I asked.

“There. There may be. There may be a girl” he slowly admitted.

Oh god. Not another Katya. Katya Petrokovich was an utter bitch. Damn her Russian suave that ensnared Frank. He was utterly clueless about the fact she was KGB. I did try to warn him but of course he didn’t listen. Love was Frank’s greatest weakness. I loved him myself but I could never tell him that. His interest in me was only platonic. He never made any advances towards me like he did with his other girlfriends. I satisfied myself with keeping him safe. Well as relatively safe as anyone could be if you were an operative. I will admit I did and do project my hate onto any of his admirers. Katya, I admit is adept at ensnaring men.

“Who?” I demanded to know.

I made it my business to vet his admirers. I did my best with Katya but he wouldn’t listen.

“Her name’s Sarah. Sarah Ross. She works in pension services” he said.

“What? A civilian? You’re in love with a civilian?” I asked in disbelief.

I couldn’t believe this. He’d fallen for an ordinary run of the mill woman? He’d allowed his romantic fantasies to cloud his judgement. He was an operative through and through just like me. He might do a good job now of giving up his occupation but I could tell how restless he was getting. How long before he would snap and pick up a rifle? He would never be able to tell his girlfriend what he actually did for a living. The CIA laws prevented it. He would be hunted down and killed otherwise. We were RED. Retired: Extremely Dangerous. Not that the CIA was in habit of letting secrets out. There were a clandestine agency after all. If we let one secret spill then we were dead. Simple as. We were too good to be comprised. We may be retired but part of the contract we signed up for was to be able to be called upon in the event of a national emergency no matter what our condition. That code was still in effect now.

“Yes, I am. You have a problem with that?” He asked, angrily.

“Yes. As a matter of fact I do. Your whole relationship will be based on lies, Frank. They say honesty is the best policy in them. You will never be able to pick up another contract or go to the shooting range. What happens when someone tracks you down and tries to kill you? You’ll be putting Sarah in danger everyday but being with her and she’ll never know. Even if you tell her, which you can’t, she’ll never truly understand the risks” I ranted.

A relationship between an operative and a civilian was doomed to fail. There would be so many secrets and a whole part of your life you could never tell you partner and that they would never understand. A relationship couldn’t withstand that.

“I can see whoever I damn like. Stuck sticking your nose in my private affairs, Tare” he demanded.

“Fine, I will. Goodbye” I shouted.

I always tried to look out for him and look where it got me. He wouldn’t be seeing me anytime soon. I was taking a long extended holiday. One with murder, mystery and intrigue. Also one with hopefully a large pay check.

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The Author’s Nightmare Story by Louise Findlay

This fanfiction story was written by Louise Findlay from Louise Findlay Books. Please visit her site if you would like to know more, and follow the link at the bottom for a continuation of the story.

The Author’s Nightmare Story: Regina’s Curse – Once Upon A Time Fanfic

regina blade

Operation Mongoose 4×21 + 4×22 AU. For Regina the cruellest thing was to have had hope in the past and then have it ripped away from you. Regina’s worst nightmare is her Mother and the Author has enacted her worst possible nightmare. Can Regina protect Henry from the Queen of Hearts? Does Emma have magic in this alternate Enchanted Forest? Who will become the new Dark One?


“Help me. Help me” A voice cried.

What? Was that Henry? It couldn’t be. We were all cursed to this fiction and Henry… Henry was all alone. God knows where Emma was unless she was that Saviour that my mother imprisoned. There was no Evil Queen in this land only the Queen of Hearts. My mother grew bored as ruler of Wonderland and decided to enslave the Enchanted Forest instead.

I had to save him but it would mean escaping my mother’s grasp. I would pay for it later she would make sure of it.

An ogre. Damn those beasts. It would have been easy to eradicate them but oh the Queen of Hearts wouldn’t deign to make the peasant’s lives easier. Perish the thought. A fireball easily felled the beast.

“Oh Henry. Why are you here? You can’t change things. You’re stuck here like the rest of us. Now you have to go before my mother comes back” I told him.

If Mother saw him then… It couldn’t bear thinking about. He was already doomed in this perverse reality.

“I’m trying to save you. I don’t want to live without my family” he said.

“What is it you don’t want me to find out about, Regina?” Cora asked.

“Mother, I didn’t expect you to be back so soon. Henry, go” I said to Cora before whispering to Henry.

“I’m not leaving you” he whispered.

“You have to” I whispered.

Why was it that his Charming gene emerged at the worst possible times?

the charmings

“A dead ogre. Have you been helping the peasants, Regina? I have told you not to waste your magical talents on them” Mother

“I’m sorry, Mother. I’ll be a good girl I promise” I said.

No. I saw Henry crawling away but Cora heard the scuffling.

“Oh I very much doubt that but what do we have here? A boy that should learn to respect his betters” she said.

“He’s not important, Mother” I said.

God. If I ever deserved anything this was it. She could not harm Henry. Pretend not to be interested, Regina and she’ll dismiss it.

“Oh but he is. I can see it in your eyes. I should’ve ripped out your heart when I had the chance but his will be so much better” said Cora.

My worst nightmare come true. It was Daniel all over again. I protected his heart with blood magic. It was the strongest protection I could give him but it would not protect him against Cora. I couldn’t not let her harm Henry. Whatever the cost of protecting him would be I would gladly pay it. With a flash of my hand I teleported him elsewhere. It was my place to deal with my mother. If it saved Henry I would withstand any punishment she gave me. Even the worst.

“You really shouldn’t have done that, Regina. You’ve been a bad girl and you deserve to be punished” she said.

I had to protect Henry. He couldn’t survive in the Enchanted Forest. There was ogres and bandits that would take advantage of his ignorance. I would have to sacrifice my magic to escape from my mother but I had a real chance of freedom.

It was the burning spell. My worst fear. She knew I hated it the most. The flames that consumed you, eroding away flesh. It was one of the worst punishments.

“Don’t you dare, Regina. I will find you. None of your attempts worked before and they never will. You can’t escape me” said Mother.

Agh. My skin was burning. I can smell my own flesh smouldering. I had to get out of here. I couldn’t leave Henry on his own.

emma dragon

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A fanfiction piece I wrote for Mel’s Writing Menagrie #5

“Write a scene with one of your favourite characters from film or television”

Louise Findlay

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