Blending In…

R. Todd has an entertaining take on the prompt this week. Check it out – it’s great fun 🙂

A Flash of Fiction...

I’ve always known that monsters exist. Call it intuition. Call it a sixth sense. Call it being able to just see people for who they are. Whatever you want to chalk it up to, the fact is, they’re there and they don’t like being seen. Not one bit. And they go to extraordinary measures to make sure no one ever finds out.

One guy started to make a bunch of claims that he could see them, going to the newspapers and television stations. The night before he was to be interviewed, he had an unfortunate meeting with a trash compactor. Crushing as it was, it was ruled an accident. A woman started telling her friends that we were being invaded, two days later she decided to go swimming. She started by diving off the top of her twelve story building. Head first.

Hence, why for the last six years, I…

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