Sorting It Out – An M.I. High Fanfic by Louise Findlay

mels-midweek-writing-menagerieThis week, Louise has created a scene based on the television show M.I. High. For those who don’t know, the show revolves around High-school kids who enrol in spy agency training, and go on secret missions assigned by their janitor.

I’ve added the beginning of the scene below, but to read more, and to visit the original, please click here.

An AU version of Free Runner where Stella isn’t going to let anything come between Frank and his planned date for her.

Sorting It Out – An M.I. High Fanfic by Louise Findlay



I had to apologise. Why didn’t I see her motivations before? Kate usually didn’t have to spell it out for me. It was all my fault but Stella would blame herself. Her self-deprecating moods were poison to everyone, most of all herself. We hurt each other so much but I still loved her with all my heart. Love opened you up to the worst emotional pain but it gave you the most content feeling in your heart.
She would be in her office and that would be the problem. She would’ve locked it and I can’t get in. Pleading with her from outside the door would have to suffice.
“Don’t visit her. She’s mad” Someone advised.
I turned around and saw Stax. It seemed he had been on the receiving end of one of Stella’s angry episodes. I didn’t blame him for warning me. She certainly was a spitfire.
“I’ve got to apologise to her, Stax. This is all my fault” I said.
“Be careful, Frank. She’ll put you in the hospital if you’re not careful” said Stax.
She had before. She’d been angry and I’d let my guard down around her. It was my fault. Our instincts and reflexes were so honed after training that we would lash out at the slightest provocation. Stella was trained as part of the fighting division of spying ever since she came to MI9. She quickly became the best fighter spy MI9 had ever seen.

Thanks to Louise for the contribution.

5 thoughts on “Sorting It Out – An M.I. High Fanfic by Louise Findlay

  1. Thanks a lot for featuring it, Melissa. Glad you enjoyed this little scene which makes up a small part of an on-going story.

      1. No problem. It’s got me finishing a scene and posted one more before this one. If you could take a few minutes to review, it would be great 😀

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