White Picket Fence…

This is a late entry for last week, but we’re flexible around these parts! Check out the story by R. Todd. It’s really fun 🙂

A Flash of Fiction...

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. It was suppose to be a fairy tale, a ‘Happily Ever After’. It was suppose to be the two of us living in the suburbs, in a house with a white picket fence that our two point five kids played in. I would cook all day and bake him pies and cakes and cookies. He would work in the city and come home every night. I would meet him at the door, we would kiss. On the weekends he would play catch with our son while I taught our daughter how to take care of her man. We would be the modern day Cleaver’s and life would be perfect.

But someone had to get angry at someone else. Then their friends got involved, and then their friends, and the next thing you know, someone went and pushed the big red button and the…

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