Fourth Wall

The first entry this week for writing prompt #5 – Thanks to Ms Toy Whisperer for sharing 😀 Enjoy!

Ms Toy Whisperer

Prompt: Insert A New Character Into A Favorite Movie

It was 1954 and I was on my own trying to figure it out. I’d been a housewife and mother for 35 years so my skills were inside the house. After Frank left me, I suddenly had to do something to support myself.

It took me a few weeks to find the courage to look for a job and another few weeks to actually find one. Once I headed out closer to Mansfield, I landed something to get me off my feet. That’s a funny expression since I was always going to be on my feet. I learned that after years of buying groceries, I could now be on the other side of the register.

The mechanics became easy after a few days and after only a few more, I started to feel a little better about myself. Customers were friendly…

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