Light Magic Monster and Soul-Scapes by Louise Findlay

Louise Findlay contributed to the fan-fiction element of the contest this week. As her site isn’t on WordPress I couldn’t reblog to share with you, so instead I’ve provided a teaser below, and a read more option with a link to her site. I recommend checking it out. It is a fan-fiction piece based on Once Upon A Time.

Light Magic Monster and Soul-Scapes: Once Upon a Time Fanfic by Louise Findlay

I felt the eruption of magic. How could I not? For a town situated in the Land Without Magic it was quite a common occurrence. Could I be bothered to do anything about it? In the past I would but I was still mooning over Arrow Boy. It was better this way. People interfered in my life less. With further inspection it was that pathetic Saviour’s disgustingly sweet branch of light magic. My my she must’ve been angry. I hope she wasn’t too desperate as to darken my doorstep again. I couldn’t vouch for her life if she did. Henry was the only good thing in my life and I didn’t want my depressing moods to affect him. Read More.

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4 thoughts on “Light Magic Monster and Soul-Scapes by Louise Findlay

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this, Mel. I really enjoyed writing this. Hadn’t actually thought of the idea till earlier last week. Stay tuned Once Upon A Time fans for an Operation Mongoose AU.

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